As the name implies, we dyno motorcycles. However there is a lot more to us than just that. We have been in the industry for over 35 years and travelled the world working in an array of dealerships (Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha) as well as many prominent race teams such as Honda Britain, Honda Canada and the official Suzuki New Zealand Factory Race Team.

Many service and repair shops have attempted to emulate our business as we are market leaders in the industry of servicing, tuning, repairs, maintenance and restorations. Of course we are best known for our exceptional custom Dyno and ECU flash tuning.


We have invested heavily and continue to do so, in this technology driven industry. We work with high-end electronic tools designed to read, write and modify ECU’s.
Tools for scanning your ECU, to read fault codes, reset and zero parameters, diagnostic’s and much more. Our state of the art dyno tuning facility enables us to maximise your bikes performance for superior rideability.





We can provide you with all of the the market leading products from brands such as Akrapovic, Dynojet and DNA among many. With extensive experience working with the best aftermarket tuning products we’re guaranteed to achieve the best performance results for your motorcycle.  

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved thus far and will continue to provide you with the best possible experience and ride.

Following are some of the services we can provide

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Book A Service

Do you need some work carried out on your motorcycle such as a service, engine rebuild or do you have an niggling issue that you need  looking at? If so feel free to book your motorcycle in with one of our skilled technicians...

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We sell a wide range of slip-on and full exhausts systems for various motorcycle models from major brands such Akrapovic and Yoshimura. We will also help you get the best from your new exhaust by offering a wide range of custom tuning options.

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Pirelli Tyres

We have access to an extensive range of Pirelli tyres from the stickiest track-focussed Diablo Corsa's to middle of the road Sporty Tyres such as the Angel GT -  all of which  can be ordered online.  We can freight them direct to you or arrange to have them fitted and balanced at our workshop.

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Custom Tuning

We can give your motorcycle a custom dyno tune increasing power and torque, smoother engine response and better fuel consumption.  Many motorcyclists buy high performance bikes, add mods but never consider getting the best from your investment with a full custom dyno tune.

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