BMW S1000XR Akrapovic Exhaust installation and Dyno Tune

BMW S1000XR Akrapovic Exhaust installation and Dyno Tune

Dave at Dynobike installs an Akrapovic Full exhaust system on a 2022 BMW S1000XR.

On the Dyno Dave compares the S1000XR with a stock exhaust system against the Akrapovic full system with and without a tune.

As stock the S1000XR is a monster and produces almost 159 horsepower.  With just the Akrapovic exhaust installed and no custom tuning some good gains can be made all through the bottom and midrange though up top it’s very similar to stock..

Once fully tuned  we end up with 165 horsepower with even more gains right off the bottom and all the way to the rpm limiter. For example; through 6000 to 7000 rpm we see an average of 15 horsepower and 12 ft/lb in  gains compared to the stock BMW S1000XR.  On the road, in-gear throttle response and acceleration will be greatly improved right where you need it most.

You can pick up the same Akrapovic exhaust system  right HERE

DNA Air filter HERE

Powergate OBD Tuner HERE

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