Winter is coming……

Winter is Coming Special Deal's on Tyres The summer is over and winter is coming..... Many put the bike away and don't bring it out again until later in the year. "The tyres are shot but I'll do them before the next ride"......You lose track of time and then it's too [...]

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Spend an evening with Cameron Donald

(Only 20 spots left and selling fast) Spend an evening with Cameron Donald, Isle of Man Legend, and 2 time champion. Listen to  Cameron talk about his history at the grass roots level, the ups and downs of a professional motorcycle racer and enjoy a video of him racing at the [...]

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Tyres   Tyres   Tyres

Everyone knows the benefit of good quality tyres, good mileage without sacrificing grip, adequate grip in the wet and dry for all round road use. On the race track it’s all about grip and not so much wear. How do we know when they are worn out and in need [...]

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Easy Money | Get your $25 Voucher now

At Dynobike we are always interested in what our customers think about how we conduct ourselves . We are always striving to be the best and understand that it's necessary to pause for thought and take a look at oneself in the mirror every once in a while. So with [...]

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Dynobike Dyno Day

The dust has now settled from our Summer Dyno Day..... It was great to see everyone there and run some beautiful machinery over the Dyno. I’ve posted photos and videos on Facebook so go and check it out. By the way its been made clear to me that many of you [...]

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Dyno Tuning Article Part IV

Dos and Don'ts for Motorcycle Power Commander Systems Last week was all about finding and rectifying problems. This week is the fun part where we will to tune a stock bike as the manufacturer designed it to be but can't quite do it due to compliance issues. Before we do though, [...]

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Motorcycle Tuning Part III

Using the Dyno and reading the information Ducati Misfire Let's take a closer look at last week's problems and see how they are solved. The Ducati 999 was interesting because as we noted last week there was more than one possible cause contributing to the problem. An obvious cause of a misfire [...]

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Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Part II

Dyno Tuning Part 2. Using the Dyno and reading the information Now that we know how important the Dyno is in checking a bike’s all round health (assuming, that is, that you've read the previous article), let’s take a look at reading the information it provides and dissect the important stuff [...]

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Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Part I

Dynos - so what do they really do? Part One Suzuki on the Dyno Aside from measuring horse power what use is dyno tuning? If you go back 30 years nobody supposedly needed one to tune a bike, it was all done by the seat of the pants, reading spark plug colour and a [...]

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Confessions of a Well-Seasoned Motorcycle Mechanic

A lot has changed in the automotive industry since I first started out as an apprentice motorcycle mechanic 35 years ago – I’ve seen and learned a lot. In fact, not a day goes by that I don’t find myself still learning something. In the last 10-15 years motorcycles [...]

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