Ninja 650 LAMS Akrapovic versus stock Exhaust Dyno run

Dave at Dynobike compares the road legal Racing Line (Titanium) Akrapovic Full System to a stock exhausts on a LAMS approved Ninja 650.

For the non Australian readers LAMS restricted Motorcycles are very similar in specification to the A2 learner restricted motorcycles you find in Europe.  They often produce under 50 horsepower to meet specific power to weight ratios set out by learner laws/regulations.

Akrapovic’s Racing Line (Titanium)  Full System is a road legal system both in Europe and Australia so it still meets various noise and emissions regulations but is a much more efficient exhaust system over stock stock, and thus will produce more power and torque at the rear wheels.

Gains of course vary from motorcycle to motorcycle though our Ninja 650 gained a peak of around 3 horsepower and shows nice gains from 5000 rpm upward after back to back dyno runs. Also the Ninja 650 produces close to 5 extra horsepower right at the redline. Gains from the midrange upward  is right where you want extra power and torque for spirited road riding.

You can order this exact exhaust right HERE 



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