Kawasaki Ninja 650 Rear Shock Replacement | YSS

Dave at Dynobike explains how to change a the rear shock absorber on Kawasaki’s very popular Ninja 650.

Many riders like to add power to their motorcycles though might sometimes neglect upgrading suspension or brakes to accommodate.

For most riders it may not be necessary to change suspension though for some riders changing suspension can be a great upgrade.  Also, some motorcycles as standard are equipped with very soft and road bias suspension designed for the average rider ability and rider weight, so many improvements can be had upgrading your suspension.

You may be an above average weight  rider and need firmer suspension or you may carry a pillion and luggage often.  Perhaps you are a very competent rider and feel that you’d benefit from better feedback and agility from your motorcycle while enjoying the road or the track.

Additionally, as suspension components get old performance can suffer. It can be the case that replacing your rear suspension might provide better value than having suspension serviced or totally rebuilt.

Whatever your circumstances may be,  Dynobike provide various suspension brands to suit all motorcycles and riding styles.


Check Below For Ninja/Z650 Rear Suspension Options

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