Powergate3+ tuning tool for your motorcycle

Powergate3+ tuning tool for your motorcycle

David Edgecombe from Dynobike explains the benefits of tuning your motorcycle with a Powergate 3 handheld tool.

The Powergate 3 tuner is sold separately, and you will need to look for available tunes to go with it via the link below.

More tunes are being added all the time so if you can’t see your bike listed send us an email as we may have what you are looking for. 


All our tunes are developed here in Melbourne by David Edgecombe, a former Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha race team mechanic.

All tunes are developed and thoroughly tested before they are available for use.

You can be sure you are purchasing a genuine Dynobike tune from our online store.

When you buy a Powergate3+ from us it’s shipped configured to your bike for speedy ID and setup.

Once Powergate3+ confirms the ID we will send you two custom tunes and the original file so if at any time you need to go back to stock OEM settings, you’re free to do so.

Having your bike tuned to suit the exhaust, air filter, stage 1, 2, or 3, etc ensures it’s always running at its best. 

  • Increasing horsepower and torque from low in the rev range. 
  • Improving fuel usage, without compromise
  • Reducing heat from the engine 
  • Improved engine smoothness and throttle response for a more enjoyable ride.
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