Yamaha MT09 Tracer restrictions removed

Dave at Dynobike quickly goes over removing restrictions from Yamaha’s popular MT-09 Tracer.

Like all modern motorcycles, due to ever more stringent emissions and noise regulations the motorcycle you take home new from your dealer, from a performance perspective may not deliver as the manufacturer originally intended.

Not getting the performance you paid for is one thing, but also these restrictions can often mean that throttle response and smoothness leaves much to be desired. This is where tuning your motorcycle and removing these restrictions via an ECU flash or Custom Dyno tune is the most cost effective way to massively improve the performance and ride-ability of your motorcycle.

The numbers do not lie, as with one of our tailor-made ECU flashes, depending on your existing modifications  you can typically expect to see 20-25 hp gains, and gains in power and torque right from tick-over and coming on really strong from the mid range and holding onto power for another 1300rpm and thus transforming your bike quite literally.

Check the video below

Cheek ECU flash Now

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