Honda CB/CBR650R/F | Vandemon Full Exhaust System | Titanium | Carbon Tip Muffler | 14+

Vandemon Exhausts available for CB/CBR650 F and R

The CB and CBR650 F and R series are hugely popular motorcycles. We sell a large number of  exhausts for these machines and are happy to announce that Australian brand Vandemon have introduced a stainless and titanium full exhaust system that fit all versions of the CB and CBR650 F and R motorcycles from 2014 up until current.

The stainless and titanium options come with either full carbon muffler or a muffler with a carbon tip. These are fantastic exhaust systems made in Australia and to the very highest standard that rivals and exceed many of the current leaders in the field. They Also sound fantastic too and provide very impressive gains, especially if matched with one of our  ECU flash tunes.   

Exhausts for the CB/CBR 650 series have always been in hot demand, but due to the ongoing supply chain issues effecting all industries it has become increasingly hard to get your hands on any exhausts, let alone your preferred brand.

Vandemon Exhausts are made in Australia so circumvents many of the international logistical hurdles and are  in-stock in ready to go, but you will have to be quick.   

Note: As these exhaust are new, we will have more pictures of them shortly.

Check them out HERE


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