Starlane products now available

Starlane products now available

We are now stocking these fabulous Tachometers/Dashboards from industry leaders Starlane.

Starlane provide various products such as the Davinci series that are available in two versions. The S and the R. 

Both models in the Davinci series are packed with all of the functionality you would need if you are racer to trackway enthusiast…Or maybe you would just like to upgrade your Dashboard from an old analog one to something that looks a great as one of these for that ‘racer’ look.

Just some of the available features below:

• Laptime with intermediates
• GPS Speed
• GPS Trajectroies
• Engaged Gear
• TPS (Throttle position sensor)
• Lean Angle
• Lateral and Longitudinal Accelerations
• All channels available on connected optional WID modules.

You can see them in action here courtesy of Superbikeracer


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