Powergate 3+ OBD Tuner suitable for modern Ducati’s

Powergate 3+ is a nifty tool you never knew you needed. Until now!

The Powergate 3+ is a clever and convenient personal OBD (onboard diagnostics) programmer that allows you to program your bike’s ECU and switch between maps with ease.

The benefits?

When you buy a Powergate 3+ from Dynobike, the handheld unit is specific to your make and model and comes preloaded with two of our custom ECU maps.

These are specifically suited to Australia’s conditions (fuel quality and climate) as well as your bike’s exhaust and air filter. Switching between maps, including back to the original factory map (for warranty work, for example), is quick and easy. Having your motorcycle’s ECU custom tuned is a sure-fire way to get the best from your bike and riding pleasuring by:

• Increasing horsepower and torque throughout the entire rev range

• Improving fuel use

• Improving engine smoothness and throttle response, thus overall rideability.

All maps are expertly created here in Melbourne by Dynobike’s David Edgecombe, a former Team Suzuki and Honda race team mechanic with more than 40 years’ experience.

In this video, Dave gives us a few tips and explains the features and benefits of the Powergate 3+.


Purchase Powergate 3+ OBD Tuner Now

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