Dynobike Dyno Day

The dust has now settled from our Summer Dyno Day…..

It was great to see everyone there and run some beautiful machinery over the Dyno. I’ve posted photos and videos on Facebook so go and check it out.

By the way its been made clear to me that many of you didn’t realise Dynobike is much more than just a dyno tuning shop. This company has been going for 28 years and have always been servicing, repairing, rebuilding and maintaining motorcycles as well as Dyno tuning.

Frankly no-one does it better. We must be doing something right as many small businesses are copying and following our lead, most of whom have failed over the years. The modern era for example requires investment in electronic tools like a scan tools to read and clear fault codes, diagnose faults, carry out tests, reset and learn sensors, and clear service lights etc.

In fact, just last week we had a new bike still under warranty with fuel injection issues, the dealer believing it just need a tune fitted a Power Commander which didn’t rectify the fault. Without the latest Texa scan tool frankly we would have struggled also. My point is that all those service and repair shops popping up haven’t invested in the tools necessary to complete the job in a professional and correct manner. I’m sure they are good at what they do, however they don’t have our experience, training or expertise.

They are taking your money though right!

Customers are coming to me after a service from these places and asking can I clear the service light from the dash.
I can and I do, my point is you’re paying for a service and they aren’t providing it, so why not come to us in the first place?

We are the best at what we do, dealers and many other small workshops often pass jobs onto us because they simply don’t have the expertise to repair or diagnose the fault.
We are always learning and looking for new ways of doing things, while others just prefer to carry on doing the same thing. Did you know that Dynobike was the first company to introduce Motorcycle dyno tuning to Australia way back in 1992?. Investing heavily we are now on our 3rd generation of dyno’s. At the time we were laughed at by many.

Dynobike is leading the way in Australia flash tuning bikes direct without any need for add on hardware. We offer bench flash tunes for many bikes. No longer do we need your bike to tune it, just send in the ECU. All of the tune files are developed right here, you won’t find any doggy imports here.

We are currently developing a new web site but once it’s done there will be some cool stuff to make your life easier. You’ll be able look up basic prices for a service, or a dyno tune. Buy labour in small blocks to save up for a tune or something bigger, perhaps pay off a set of tyres that you know you’ll be needing soon and much more. Eventually you’ll be able to book your bike in for a time that suits you without the frustration of picking up the phone and then

having to leave a message. Will keep you posted…..


If you’d like to have your motorcycle run on our Dyno you can book online and Save money

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