Caution around DIY ECU flash tuning

There are tools out there you can purchase that will allow you to ‘home’ flash the ECU of your motorcycle. While this is great, unfortunately you can’t also purchase the skills and the knowledge that is often required to work with these tools and their respective tune files.

Equally, you never know if the tune file you are about to flash to your ECU has been correctly configured by an experienced motorcycle tuner. Getting it wrong can mean a poor running motorcycle or worse a dead ECU or damaged engine.

In the case of the Triumph Trident 660 in the below video, our customer had flashed a tune file to his ECU that was supposed to derestrict his Trident but unfortunately it did not work.

It was then up to Dave at Dynobike to install the appropriate flash file to derestrict the Trident 660 as was originally intended.

For piece of mind you can have your Trident 660 Custom Tuned and derestricted HERE

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