Honda CBR1000RR | Mail in ECU Flash Tune | 08-16


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Dynobike Pty Ltd is in no way responsible for any modifications to your ECU, electronics, or hardware as a result of a Custom Dyno Tune. These modifications in many cases do not comply with Australian standards, emission,s and noise regulations. They are not legal for road or highway use and if de-restricting a "LAMS" bike it is your responsibility to notify your State/Territory governing body. Dynobike Pty Ltd is not responsible for the fees associated with tampering with emissions and noise regulations whatsoever.


Honda CBR1000RR ECU Flash

  • Optimise fuel and ignition mapping
  • Gear base restrictions removed
  • Switch off 02 sensors
  • Exhaust valve switched off
  • Suitable for slip on mufflers ¬†and full systems

Tuners notes: This tune does not comply with Australian regulations and is not suitable for road use. It is not legal for restricted license holders to ride this bike on Australian roads or highways.

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4 years ago

I have a 2011 Blade and fitted a SC Project muffler with S bend link pipe, but after that was fitted it was never right, especially with the baffle removed, it had lost a lot of bottom end torque and was rough in the 3-4000 range when at a constant throttle . I inserted the baffle which helped a little but it still felt flat. I sent my ECU to Dynobike for a flash tune hoping that it would cure it. I posted it on a Monday afternoon and received it back by mid day Friday. What a quick turnaround.… Read more »

Make Model Year
Honda CBR1000RR 2008 - 2016

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