Ducati Monster 659 | Custom Tune | 15-21


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Note: Your 'prefered booking date' does not mean that your motorcycle has been booked in. A Technician will be in contact shortly after you have placed your order.
Dynobike Pty Ltd is in no way responsible for any modifications to your ECU, electronics, or hardware as a result of a Custom Dyno Tune. These modifications in many cases do not comply with Australian standards, emission, and noise regulations. They are not legal for road or highway use and if de-restricting a "LAMS" bike it is your responsibility to notify your State/Territory governing body. Dynobike Pty Ltd is not responsible for the fees associated with tampering with emissions and noise regulations whatsoever.


Ducati Monster 659 Custom Dyno Tune

What a great place to start your Ducati adventure. Fitting your favourite exhaust is the first step of your journey, tuning the bike to make the most of it and the Vtwin engine characteristic is the second stage.

This custom tune is your road map to achieving just that. More torque, more power from low in the rev range, smoother throttle response, a cooler running and great sounding bike. Your tune will be suitable for 95 or 98 fuel, more importantly all the modern features and modes remain the same.

Aussie tunes for Aussie bikes!

  • Increased driveability, smooth power delivery, impressive throttle response, improve fuel economy, more power and torque.
  • Lambda sensors optimized for crisp response and smoothness when cruising.
  • Optimize fuel maps low and high speed.
  • Optimize ignition mapping*
  • Suitable for 95 and 98 octane fuel.

We advise using a DNA air filter with this tune for best results.

*not adjusted on all models.

Tuners notes: This tune does not comply with Australian regulations and is not suitable for road use. It is not legal for restricted license holders to ride this bike on Australian roads or highways.

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4 years ago

Had my Monster tuned by Dave. Was LAMS bike, had it derestricted and then tuned to match my Termignoni exhaust. What can I say, amazing. Night and day difference. When restricted, the bike was really breathless above 5k, now it surges right to the limiter and feels like it has an extra 200 cc. Highly recommended.

4 years ago
Reply to  Don

Hi Don, What year 659?

Make Model Year
Ducati Monster 659 2011 - 2021