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BMW S1000RR Akrapovic big power gains

BMW’s latest S1000RR is not shy of horsepower as stock, but like all modern motorcycles the S1000RR can benefit hugely from a tune and exhaust system.  As emissions and noise regulations become more stringent, to experience the performance of the motorcycle as the manufacturer intended, it becomes ever more important to tune your motorcycle and remove those restrictions for measurably better performance on track.

You’ll see in the below video the S1000RR made a very impressive 185 rear wheel horsepower as stock but after an ECU flash tune and the installation of the full Titanium Evolution Race Exhaust System, not only did we see 200 peak hp at the rear wheel, but also a marked increase in power and torque seen right across the range, from tickover to peak rpm.

Now, not only will your BMW S1000RR  accelerate faster outright, but also will be much more responsive and controllable in any gear at any point in the rev ramge.






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