Winter is coming……

Winter is Coming

Special Deal’s on Tyres

The summer is over and winter is coming….. Many put the bike away and don’t bring it out again until later in the year. “The tyres are shot but I’ll do them before the next ride”……You lose track of time and then it’s too late. Next thing you know you’re sliding down the road wishing you had changed the tyres.

Please don’t be one of those people, your tyres and brakes are the most important investment, don’t put it off – be pro-active. To help you with this, when you purchase them we’ll give the braking system a complete once over, checking the pad and disc wear, fluids, wheel bearings, drive line – FREE OF CHARGE. All you pay for is the new tyres and fitting.

Pirelli Angel GT

If you’re serious about long life then you can’t go past the Pirelli Angel GT. Without any doubt this would have to be the best sport touring tyre choice on the market.

Just the other day I replaced a set for a customer who couldn’t stop thanking me for recommending them. A seasoned rider with over 30 years of experience I quote “I’ve never had a tyre give me such long life without a big sacrifice in grip quality.” As a mechanic this would be my choice!

This is just 2 examples, click on the link to see more. Still not seeing what you want?

We’re still rebuilding our new site and are adding product all the time. For example Michelin is another great brand but we haven’t been able to post the range to our site yet, so shoot us an email or phone and we’ll be happy to provide expert advice, information and prices

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