Yamaha MT-09 | DNA Air Filter Stage 2 | 21+


The DNA Stage 2 Kit, can be either a DNA filter or a DNA cover that is designed to replace a part of the air box, seriously increasing air flow to the engine. With the proper fuel recalibration the results are always very impressive..



OEM Air Filter Air Flow: 94.20 CFM

DNA Air Filter Air Flow: 145.80 CFM

DNA Increased Air Flow: +54.78%

DNA Filtering Efficiency: 98-99%

Product Information

  • This filter features DNA®’s Stage 2 kit eliminates the OEM intake snorkel of YAMAHA models and offers higher performance and better intake sound.
  • This Stage 2 kit is designed to replace the stock plastic air box top cover and OEM air filter. With the use of P-Y9N21-S2 there is no need to use the OEM air filter or DNA P-Y9N21-01.
  • Included in the Stage 2 kit you will find all the necessary parts to install the Stage 2. Special stainless steel bracket for mounting the stock ECU is supplied and also zip ties to mount and tie down your ECU are supplied.
  • The airflow of this new DNA Stage 2 air filteris +54.78% more than the stock YAMAHA air box with OEM air filter & stock air box cover applied!
  • Stock air box with OEM air filter & OEM cover flow : 94.20 CFM (Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius.
  • Stock airbox with DNA Stage 2 air filter: 145.80 CFM (Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius.
  • This DNA® Stage 2 kit is designed as a High Flow product for: ‘Road & Race use’.
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Yamaha MT-09 2021 - 2023

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