Triumph Street Triple 765 | Custom Tune | 17 +

Triumph Street Triple 765 | Custom Tune | 17 +


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Once you have booked your customer dyno tune please call.
Note: Your 'prefered booking date' does not mean that your motorcycle has been booked in. A Technician will be in contact shortly after you have placed your order.
Dynobike will in no way be held responsible for any modifications made to your ECU during a Custom Dyno Tune whatsoever. Custom Dyno Tuning will void most warranties. Custom Dyno Tuning a motorcycle is generally is not for public roads or highway use and does not comply with emission and noise regulations for Australia, Suitable for closed circuit track use only. It is illegal for restricted license holders to ride Custom Tuned and/or derestricted motorcycles on public roads. Dynobike Pty Ltd is not responsible for any damages, problems, or fees associated with the tampering of emissions and noise controls.
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Triumphs Street Triple 765 is a great all round motorcycle featuring an abundance of power and torque for a great road ride experience. Unlocking its full potential to match all your modifications requires our high end Pro software tools. You simply wont get the same result with any add on products. Our engineers will find and unlock the Torque and Power from low in the rev range. You’ll still retain all the user modes and functions with the best this bike offers at your fingertips.

We will test analyze and adjust every point (over 1000 of them) on all the mapsĀ  to ensure you get the best tune on the planet “guaranteed”

Increased drive-ability, smooth power deliver, impressive throttle response, improve fuel economy, more power and torque

Increased rev limit for a broader spread of power

Switch off 02 sensors to optimize low down response and smoothness when cruising

Optimize fuel maps low and high speed 8 maps in total

Optimize ignition mapping

Tuners notes, this tune does not comply with Australian regulations and is not suitable for road use

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Make Model Year
Triumph Street Triple 765 2017 - 2021

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