Honda CBR600F/F4i | Cordona Precision Quickshifter 210b (PQ8) (Fits All Stick coil models) | 99-13



A Cordona PQ8 Shifter is a high-tech device that will increase the performance of your motorcycle or anything powered by a motorcycle engine by enabling lightning fast up shifts without backing off the throttle or disengaging the clutch, electronically. The PQ8 Shifter has been developed by professional roadracers as well as beginners, it has high quality internal components from the U.S. the E.U. and other countries.


Full throttle electronic up shifts, Seamless acceleration… Road Racing bikes, Street bikes, Dragbikes, Gokarts, Crosskarts, basically anything with a sequential gearbox. PQ8 won´t mess with the injection light on fuel injected engines. Engineered with all the latest technology, continuously developed and upgraded. Used by international level racers worldwide.

Proven winner straight out of the box, we won the Nordic BoTT Title with one of the PQ8 prototypes installed; and re took the title again in 2009, together with the Norwegian SBK title and the PRO SBK title…
Intelligent Multichannel Quickshifter
Engineered with all the latest technology, continuously developed and upgraded.

Compu Shift, calculates a perfect kill time for each up shift according to engine conditions, acceleration, load and rpm with a selection of 500 different kill times. Adjustable between 40-80ms.
Makes the ECU believe the engine is still running at up shift; allows for a very smooth and stable up shift without any fault messages or leaned or enriched fuelling.

Comes with plug and play connectors for Denso and Mitsubishi coils, used on most sport bikes. For other coils the installation is not plug and play, still an easy straight fwd. installation though, hardware for splicing is included. *Automatic rpm controlled ON/OFF, fully adjustable, to prevent the engine from stopping when put in neutral from 1st gear while at idle.
Will pick +12v from a coil via the red wire going straight to the PQ8 CPU on bikes with stick coils, making for an easy installation, no need to install a 12v wire on bikes with stick coils.

Has “Smooth Shift” built in to ease the shock loads on the gear box and chain and to lessen loss of traction at up shift, just like the Moto GP shifters. It kills all cylinders simultaneously at up shift but bring them back on in a computer controlled sequence, in conjunction with Compu Shift.

Waterproof design, the circuit board is encased in glue, aviation grade 26 pin connector.Aural horn for test and start up acknowledgement if hidden behind fairings, very useful for set up.
Shift Light circuitry built in, with shift soon functions; LED will come on for 1000rpm before up shift rpm and then flash in sequence with the rpm. RPM is set with 3 digits in steps of 100rpm. LED assembly sold separately, Batwing Shiftlight.

Auto Shift, can be selected to activate the shifter automatically at an adjustable rpm. The rider just has to keep the shifter pedal preloaded between up shifts. Useful for drag racers going below the break out time, just reduce the up shift RPM to go slightly slower next run. Fully upgradable at any one of our dealers with a hand held programer.

Honda, CBR1000RR, 2002, 2016

Honda CB1300/1100/750/600/500
Honda, CBR600, 2000, 2003
Honda, CBR600RR, 2003, 2020
Honda, CBR929RR, 1998, 2002
Honda, CBR954RR, 2002, 2003
Honda, VFR800 all-X, 2011, 2019
Honda, VTR1000, 2000, 2006

Kawasaki Ninja 250/300/400
Kawasaki, ER6, 2006, 2018
Kawasaki, ZX-12R, 2000, 2006
Kawasaki, ZX-14R, 2006, 2021
Kawasaki, ZX-6R, 2000, 2019

Suzuki all stick coil

Yamaha all stick coil

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Make Model Year
Honda CBR600 1999 - 2013

A normal up shift usually means that the engine is disengaged from the rear wheel/gearbox for a distance covered of about 3m/10ft, depending on how fast the vehicle is moving. Vortices are also produced in the intake manifolds due to the closure of the throttle, something that will restrict the flow of air into the engine when the throttle is opened up again.

With a Cordona Racing Shifter the distance covered at upshifts will decrease to about 1m/3ft and no vortices will occur at the air intake since the throttle is kept wide open at upshifts, in fact, everything is wide open, from throttle bodies through the engine out the exhaust, airflow is going.

The ignition will be interrupted for a fraction of a sec only. This will make up for alot of ground on a lap around a road racing track or on the 1/4 mile. By installing PQ8 Shifters on testbikes we have lowered 1/4 mile times with 0.2 sec.

We have also lowered lap times on a road racing track by as much as 1.5 sec/lap. Usually 0.2 sec. on the 1/4 mile and 1.5 sec. on a road racing track means parts and engine work for at least $3000.00.

You can probably imagine yourself a race to the flag between two racers on identical motorcycles with the only difference being that one of them has a PQ8 Shifter installed.

The rider on the bike equipped with the shifter will edge away from the other at every up shift and most likely cross the line several meters/yards in front of the other rider. The Cordona Racing Shifter is smaller and lighter than its competitors, the whole kit is only 300g , killbox measures 95x70x28mm.

The Cordona Racing Shifter works with a switch attached to the gear linkage of a motorcycle, the pull switch sends a signal to a “killbox” that will interrupt the ignition for a computer controlled time when the gearlever is activated.

While the killbox interrupts the ignition, the drivetrain will slack and the next gear will engage and immediately thereafter the “killbox” turns the ignition back on again. The whole up shift is done without touching the clutch or backing off the throttle. The PQ8interrupts power to the coils, between the ECU and coils.

The PQ8 uses new thinking to inhibit ignition and WILL NOT affect injection lights like most other shifters on the market. In fact the Bike ECU won’t even know the ignition was inhibited.

Some other shifters cut the power to the CDI at high RPM and cause damage to the ignition system. Please note that the PQ8 does not just ground out the coils with the killbutton loop like some other shifters, something that will cause missfiring and eventually damage to the engine.

There is no extra wear on the ignition system due to the use of a Cordona Racing Shifter since the shifter is only turning the power to the ignition coils on and off , with the help of advanced internal anti missfiring components.

The wear on the clutch is actually reduced since it is not used at up shifts. Any motorcycle can easily be returned to its original ignition system in the event the owner is selling his bike and would like to keep the Shifter. The PQ8 comes with plug and play connectors for most bikes.

What’s in the kit? The Pq8 kit includes The CPU, Plug and play wiring harness, velcro for mounting killbox. All kits include step by step instructions in English