Harley Davidson | S&S 107ci Big Bore Kit – Black | TwinCam | 07-17


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Product Details

Features & Benefits:-

* Includes 3cc Dome Forged Pistons.

* Includes 0.045in. Head Gaskets.

* 3.937in. Bore.

* 4-3/8in. Stroke.

* 10.5:1 Compression Ratio with Stock 85cc Heads.

* 10.1:1 Compression Ratio with S&S 89cc Heads # SS106-3240.

Tech Tips:-

* Use Care during assembly to avoid damage to Cylinder Spigots.

* Ring gaps must be checked & Recorded by the assembling Technician.

* Piston to Cylinder Clearance must be checked by the a ssembling Technician & Cylinders honed with torque plates fitted if required.

* Rev Limit should be set at 2500 rpm for the first 80klm.

* Rev Limit should then be set at 3500 rpm for a further 1,500klm.

* To prevent Detonation, Over fuelling etc a Proven EFI Map is required to adjust the Factory Fuel & Timing Calibrations & bring your Engine into Equilibrium with your new Mods.

Tech Tips:-

* Will Not Fits with S&S 79cc Heads.

Proudly Made in the USA by S&S Cy cle !

MFR PART No: 910-0500
Dynobike PART No: SS910-0500

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