Ducati Panigale V4/S/R | Vandemon High Mount 3/4 Slip-On | Titanium | 23+


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Ducati Panigale & Streetfighter V4 Titanium High Mount 3/4 Slip-On 2023

Taking Forward Payments Now Fulfilment in Late October 2023 

Model Compatibility:                     Year

Panigale V4                                   2023

Panigale V4S                                 2023

Panigale V4 SP2                            2023

Panigale V4 Speciale                     2023

Panigale V4R                                 2023

Streetfighter V4                             2023

Streetfighter V4S                           2023

Streetfighter V4 SP                        2023

Important only to fit the 2023 model. See our other listing for 2018-2022

Vandemon brings you a no-compromise ALL TITANIUM High Mount Wheel Barrow Slip-On Twin muffler exhaust with 100% all Titanium link Pipes.

This is a no-compromise performance exhaust system that offers no limitations to what a tuner can obtain from this gusto model. This eliminates the heavy & cumbersome stainless steel catalytic converter, for a massive weight saving that will also deliver enhanced suspension performance and noticeable improvements in acceleration change of direction and stopping distances. In addition, exhaust gases are free to exit via twin straight-through shortie mufflers that direct the exhaust left & right of the rear number plate or tail tidy.

Each muffler comes with concealed removable baffles that are sandwiched between the muffler and “Y” pipe for those who want the Db to be that little bit less but still sound great.

Titanium makes this exhaust very light at only 4.9kg, which is a massive weight saving over the OEM catalytic exhaust and significantly reduces radiated heat from the underside of the motorcycle, which improves rider comfort in summer and gives better access to the bottom of the engine for maintenance.

Vandemon uses only the highest quality Ti1 Japanese Titanium which has a naturally bright, clean surface finish and allows for what are the industry benchmark of welds.

  • Material Ti1 Titanium
  • Twin Round Titanium Mufflers
  • All Carbon Fibre covers shown are supplied
  • Weight 4.9kg with Db killers or 4.7kg without
  • Power +7% without silencers customised on a Dyno
  • Surface finish: Natural Brushed
  • Noise with Db killer 102db or 107db without measured at 5500rpm
  • Application: Competition

IMPORTANT! Vandemon Exhaust systems are designed for performance and modest sound improvements. We at Vandemon do not try to meet noise emission standards because the results would differ from what your OEM exhaust can already achieve. Check with your country’s governing body regarding noise emission standards rules and regulations. 

This exhaust kit is for racing applications only (closed-course competition). By installing this exhaust system, the owner takes all responsibility of none compliance if used on public roads.


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Make Model Year
Ducati Panigale V4 2023
Ducati Streetfighter V4 2023

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