Nitron Tri-Valve Technology TVT Fork Cartridge System features a large 22mm piston which provides significant improvements in performance over the OEM set up and ensures consistency during prolonged periods of use.

All vital components are hard anodised and developed and tested in conjunction with some of the world’s leading race teams. Designed primarily for smaller engine capacity sportsbikes and now used on most damper rod conventional forks and smaller diameter upside down forks.

The 22mm Nitron TVT cartridges feature  independent adjustment control of Spring Preload, rebound and compression damping which are all easy to use and extremely effective. The damping control system consists of an adjustable compression cartridge (Left) and an adjustable rebound cartridge (Right). Both offer independent damping and pre-load adjustment via the uniquely styled fork top caps.

A key feature of the TVT Fork Cartridge Kit is the third, high speed damping valve incorporated into the compression cartridge. The valve is pre-set to react to high-speed, hard edge bumps which normally unsettle a well damped set up especially when combined with hard braking and cornering forces. All three valve pistons can be quickly and easily removed for re-valving without the need to remove the forks from the bike, keeping workshop time to a minimum and meaning trackside changes and set-up can be done with ease!

In motorsport, SuperBike riders have praised the ability of the TVT cartridges as they have felt confidence increase to new levels and lap times tumble. Probably just as impressive as the on track ability is just how adaptable the Tri-Valve Technology is for road use, giving all levels of rider the confidence to make adjustments to achieve a more usable and more capable bike.

Standard Specifications:

Large Bore 22mm Piston
Independent Rebound, Compression and Pre-Load Damping Adjustment
Unique Nitron Design fork caps
(TVT) high speed damping valve in the compression cartridge
Easy Piston removal for trackside revalving and set up changes with ease
Hard anodised components for extended longevity of parts