MT-07/XSR700/YZF-7 Stage 2.5 Tune Bundle | 14-24


Dynobike Pty Ltd is in no way responsible for any modifications to your ECU, electronics, or hardware as a result of a Custom Dyno Tune. These modifications in many cases do not comply with Australian standards, emission,s and noise regulations. They are not legal for road or highway use and if de-restricting a "LAMS" bike it is your responsibility to notify your State/Territory governing body. Dynobike Pty Ltd is not responsible for the fees associated with tampering with emissions and noise regulations whatsoever.
Once you have placed your order. You'll now need to remove your ECU, (check your manual for its location and instructions), pack it carefully and post it to this address Dynobike 1b Winston Court Moorabbin Vic 3189. We will track your order and when the ECU arrives, we'll flash it the same day to suit your modification add any parts as per your order, and return it in an overnight bag. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Dynobike will not be responsible for your ECU if it is not accompanied by the correct paperwork. Due to the large volume of ECUs passing through our Tech department you are required to include a copy of the order when shipping so we can track the ECU and link it to the correct order. It’s as easy as printing out the confirmation email you receive after the order has been processed. If you can’t print it copy the information neatly by hand and include the order number. If you didn’t receive the confirmation order, log back into the online store and copy the order neatly by hand, and include the order number. If neither is possible call Dynobike for further instructions before posting your ECU. (Do not post your ECU without the order). Failure to follow these basic instructions will dramatically slow down the process and your order will not be completed without it.


Unlock the full potential of your Yamaha R7, MT07, or XSR7 Lams bike with Dynobike’s Stage 2.5 bundle tune – the ultimate upgrade package designed for maximum performance and exhilaration.

Our Stage 2.5 bundle combines high-quality components including HO throttle plate, KSPP velocity stacks, DNA air filter, and DNA lid, meticulously selected to optimize airflow and fuel delivery for unparalleled power gains.

But that’s not all. We take it a step further with our Dynobike Virtual tune, custom-tailored to suit your specific exhaust system. Our expert technicians fine-tune crucial parameters, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing performance across the entire RPM range.

Experience a ride like never before as our Stage 2.5 bundle transforms your Yamaha Lams bike into a true powerhouse, delivering enhanced throttle response, increased torque, and a thrilling acceleration that will leave you breathless.

Ready to take your ride to the next level? Contact Dynobike today and unleash the full potential of your Yamaha R7, MT07, or XSR7 with our Stage 2.5 bundle tune.


DNA Filter Cover – TC-Y7N14-S2

DNA Filter – R-Y7N14-01

KSPP Velocity Stacks – VL-R7MT7-R

Mail in Tune

Tuners note, this upgrade does not comply with Australian regulations and is not suitable for road use. It is illegal for restricted license holders to ride a motorcycle on public roads with these modifications.

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2 months ago

Totally worth it….after all the changes done , she runs very smooth, bubbling is gone, nice constant power we burning fuel… (:

Make Model Year
Yamaha MT-07 2014 - 2024
Yamaha XSR700 2015 - 2024
Yamaha YZF-R7 2021 - 2024