BMW S1000R/RR | Vandemon Full Exhaust System | Titanium | 10-18


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BMW S1000R & S1000RR Vandemon Titanium Exhaust System 2010-18


BMW S1000RR 2010-16

BMW S1000R 2013-16

BMW S1000RR 2017-18 (Must Use 2010-16 S1000RR R/H rear-set for muffler mount)

Vandemon Exhausts are Made from the highest quality materials using state of the art manufacturing processes, which achieve beautiful welds and a perfect fit every time.

VANDEMON Exhausts are firstly designed for race use to free up lost power and make music to the ears that stand out over the others. And so, to keep the peace with the neighbour, a removable baffle is supplied with each system.

Our BMW Titanium Exhaust system covers models S1000R & S1000RR, for which two different exhaust flange adaptors are supplied to facilitate installation for either model. If you prefer this shorter muffler style for your 2017-18 S1000RR, acquire a 2010-16  RH foot peg bracket online to provide a mount for the shorter muffler.

Made from high-quality, lightweight Ti1 Titanium, the reduction in weight from this exhaust system noticeably improves directional changes in handling and improved acceleration and reduced stopping distances.

  • High-Quality Ti1 Titanium exhaust system
  • Production years 2010-16 (can use for 2017-18 must use 10-16 RH rear-set)
  • Surface finish: Brushed
  • 12 x 1.25 & 18 x 1.5mm O2 Sensor Bungs
  • Noise 101Db baffle in 107Db baffle out
  • Application: road or race



The surface finish is natural brushed Titanium which, when heated after only one ride, changes to all colours of the rainbow with the added advantage over Stainless steel that Titanium won’t stain, corrode or ever need polishing as Titanium has a very high resistance to acid and salt as well as dissipates heat twice as fast as steel.


We at Vandemon use a closely guarded welding process that welds both sides of each joint, making for ultrasonically perfect joints with a beautiful & consistent overlapping fish bone appearance.


This exhaust system is supplied with a removable silencer, which, when used, won’t require remapping of your ECU, as any slight alterations to fuelling etc. will be managed by OEM mapping, as this exhaust is designed for competition use, should the silencer be removed, tuning to suit is recommended by a competent technician.


Due to its strength, weight and corrosion quality, ‘s Titanium is found in the most demanding applications on Aircraft airframes, jet engine compressor blades and ducting, deep-sea saltwater vessels, steam turbine blades, rocket motor cases and F1 and MotoGP


  • Very light, Increased power to weight ratio
  • Won’t corrode or change colour from exposure to water
  • Never need polishing like stainless steel & aluminium
  • Dissipate heat twice as fast as Stainless Steel
  • Won’t distort or oxidise at High Temperatures


VANDEMON Exhausts operates out of our HQ in Wollongong, NSW Australia

IMPORTANT! Vandemon Exhaust systems are designed for performance and modest sound improvements. We at Vandemon do not try to meet noise emission standards because the results would be no different than what your OEM exhaust can already achieve. Check with y
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Make Model Year
BMW S1000R 2013 - 2016
BMW S1000RR 2015 - 2018

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