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Powergate3 + OBD Tuner | Coming Soon | Ducati 1098/198

Powergate3 + OBD Tuner | Coming Soon | Ducati 1098/198


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Personal OBD programmer

Powergate3+ is the portable and touchscreen Personal OBD Programmer which will allow you to program the ECU with tune files in complete autonomy, using your preloaded modified maps.

No need to remove and ship your ECU, it can all be done in the confines of your home. Powergate 3+ is supplied with a model specific cable to connect directly to your OBD plug. By following the on screen prompt you can read and clear fault codes, write modified files to your ECU and restore the original file should you need to take the bike to a dealer for servicing or warranty repairs.

The powergate 3+ is shipped with the stock ECU file and one modified tune to suit your chosen Exhaust air filter combination. Additional tunes can be purchased separately if required.


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Make Model Year
Ducati 1098 2007 - 2009
Ducati 1098R 2007 - 2009
Ducati 1098S 2007 - 2009
Ducati 1198 2009 - 2012
Ducati 1198SP 2009 - 2011
  • Direct connection to the vehicle through OBD port.
  • On the Powergate3+ you’ll be able to store up to 5 different stages, in addition to the Original File of the vehicle.
  • Independently select and upload your map to your bike.
  • Thanks to the Original File stored in the Powergate3+, the ECU can be restored to factory settings by you at any time.
  • In addition using your Powergate 3+ you can read and clear fault codes
  • Standard connection to PC via USB port to configure the tool and upload additional tunes (cables included).
  • Poweragate3+ is safe to use and user-friendly. All the procedures are guided so that you can’t write an incorrect file.
  • Poweragate3+ reads possible errors with DTC code, enabling you to read erase them.

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