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More confidence, wet and dry conditions, even after 3000 miles

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We can fit your tyres for you if you bring your bike or wheels in. Note: the selection is for a single tyre, so if you buy 2 tyres and would like them both fitted you must tick the box for both tyres in each of their respective product pages.

$35 For each wheel on bike. $20 For each wheel off the bike.


#1 for wet grip on the road*

Using the latest combined technologies of MICHELIN 2CT and 2CT+ and the latest generation of compounds and siped tread, MICHELIN Road 5 tyres offer you the best wet grip versus its main competitors* without compromise on dry roads.**


Even after 3000 miles, experience exceptional braking in the wet¹

Even after 3000 miles, a MICHELIN Road 5 tyre stops as short as a brand new MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 tyre* thanks to the evolutionary MICHELIN XST Evo sipes.


Fun to ride

With its dry grip, stability and the best handling versus its main competitors, thanks to MICHELIN’s patented ACT+ casing technology, it offers even more riding pleasure.*


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REAR 150/70 ZR17, REAR 160/60 ZR 17, REAR 180/55 ZR17, REAR 190/50 ZR17, REAR 190/55 ZR17

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