Michelin Pilot Activ | Rear

Michelin Pilot Activ | Rear


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Grip, longevity, and a unique design for classic and neo-retro street bikes.

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We can fit your tyres for you if you bring your bike or wheels in. Note: the selection is for a single tyre, so if you buy 2 tyres and would like them both fitted you must tick the box for both tyres in each of their respective product pages.

$35 For each wheel on bike. $20 For each wheel off the bike.

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A full range of sizes

With more than 20 sizes (front/back), the MICHELIN Pilot Activ is compatible with a variety of models, from street bikes to classic medium-sized motorcycles. It’s especially suitable for the following motorcycle types: Royal Enfield, Triumph Bonneville, Guzzi V7, and Yamaha Diversion, etc.


Outstanding grip no matter the conditions

Absolutely foolproof street performance for the entire duration of the tyre’s service life, it guarantees a higher degree of safety, no matter the weather conditions. The MICHLEIN Pilot Activ provides for efficient water drainage for perfect grip, even on wet surfaces.


Maximum longevity

The MICHELIN Pilot Activ demonstrates optimal resistance to wear and tear and improved mileage, thanks to an outstanding combination of performance and durability.




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REAR 120/90-18, REAR 130/70-18, REAR 130/80-17, REAR 130/80-18, REAR 130/90-17, REAR 140/80-17, REAR 150/70H-17, REAR 150/70V-17, REAR 3.25 19, REAR 4.00H-18, REAR 90/90-18

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