Michelin Anakee 3 | Front

Michelin Anakee 3 | Front


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The 100% road trail tyre providing exceptional longevity and superb braking on wet surfaces.

We can fit your tyres for you if you bring your bike or wheels in. Note: the selection is for a single tyre, so if you buy 2 tyres and would like them both fitted you must tick the box for both tyres in each of their respective product pages.

$35 For each wheel on bike. $20 For each wheel off the bike.

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Stability and maneuverability

A stiffer frame and a new profile inspired by the Michelin Sport Touring radial line offers greater stability and maneuverability.



A dynamic tyre tread for greater grip in all types of weather

A dynamic tyre tread depending on road conditions and your lean angle for improved grip on both wet and dry surfaces.



A unique look

An innovative tread with beveled areas and indentations makes for a truly unique look.





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FRONT 100/90/19, FRONT 110/80/19, FRONT 120/70/R19, FRONT 120/90/17, FRONT 90/90/21

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