BMW S1000R/RR | ECU Flash/ Akrapovic Evolution Line Exhaust, Air Filter Bundle | 19+

BMW S1000R/RR | ECU Flash/ Akrapovic Evolution Line Exhaust, Air Filter Bundle | 19+


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Bundle and Save Money

  • Custom ECU Flash
  • Akrapovic Full Racing Line Full Exhaust System – S-B10E10-APLT
  • DNA high performance – P-BM10S20-0R

After checkout, remove your ECU and post to us at Dynobike. We’ll flash it, and post it back to you with your Akrapovic Full System and DNA filter.

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Please Note: - It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided all relevant make and model details and that they are accurate. Dynobike will in no way be held responsible for any modifications made to your ECU whatsoever. This will void most warranties. \n\nThis modification is not for public roads or highway use and does not comply with emission and noise regulations for Australia, Suitable for closed circuit track use only. It is illegal for restricted license holders to ride this motorcycle on public roads. \n\nDynobike Pty Ltd is not responsible for any damages, problems, or fees associated with the tampering of emissions and noise controls.\n
Once you have placed your order. You'll now need to remove your ECU, (check your manual for its location and instructions), pack it carefully and post it to this address Dynobike 2-1 Winston Court Moorabbin Vic 3189. We will track your order and when the ECU arrives, we'll flash it the same day to suit your modification add any parts as per your order and return it in an overnight bag. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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We update stock periodically so call before to check latest stock status

Bundle and save money by purchasing an ECU flash Tune, Full Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium exhaust system and DNA high performance air filter. 


BMW S1000RR with its all new engine employing Shiftcam technology on the intake side, which varies intake valve timing and lift. Harnessing it and all the rider aids, Traction Control, ABS and Modes is a powerful Bosch ECU. Without our expert tuners knowledge, software from

“EVC” Winols and Alientech hardware this advanced tune would not be possible. Our modified tune will unleash all this bike has on offer with more Torque and Power right through the rev range from low down in all gears.

Tuners notes, this tune is not legal for road use and does not comply with Australian regulations for road use

The flagship of the Akrapovič exhaust system range, used and tested by our top factory teams in motorsport racing. It is simply the finest performance exhaust system available. Each model is unique and dedicated to maximizing the performance of an engine, while reducing overall weight for optimized handling of the whole motorcycle. It is made entirely of titanium. The unique shape of the muffler, with its embossed imprint that run all the way along the exhaust and blend in seamlessly with the hand-crafted carbon fibre endcap, takes design to new levels.

For perfect performance, throttle response and durability, ECU remapping is recommended.

On the product image, the system is shown together with optional carbon heat shield P-HSB10E3. Carbon fibre muffler bracket (needed for mounting if passenger footrests are removed) is already included within the system.

FITMENT NOTICE FOR US MARKET: Exhaust system fits on 2020 S 1000 RR US model. For 2019 US models, see products listed under 2018 model year.


This is what Power is made of! This DNA® High Performance Filter is a high quality, next generation multilayer cotton gauze, oil impregnated air filter.

Power by quality you can trust, a filter that can last the life of the vehicle. Strict quality control for construction & materials, chosen only by their highest quality, are just some of the factors that allow us to offer a Lifetime Warranty!

Power by precision & unique design solutions like the Full Contour design (FCd) which expands the active filtration area up to +80%, the factory glued, high quality EVA foam seals, to ensure a correct & secure sealing and easy filter installation, are some of the features that make every DNA® the best air filter money can buy.

Power by State-Of-Art testing & evaluating methods. Air box reverse engineering using Faro & Microscribe 3D Arms. CAAFT (computer aided air flow testing). In-House dyno testing on every single product.

Power by engine protection & filtraton efficiency. Search no more for the best combination of power & protection! DNA® High Performance Air Filters, trap all the dust particles that flow towards the filter, even the finest (down to 5 microns), ensuring that the only thing that passes the filter is just clean & fresh air!

Power by increased air flow means increased engine power & torque: up to +12 hp increase (common for some applications), resulting in crisp throttle response and better control. Translate this as increased dynamic safety that you will discover from the very first moment you will use our products.

  • This DNA High performance OEM replacement filter suits the following motorcycles.
  • S 1000 RR 2019 2021
  • S 1000 XR 2021
  • Other models also fitted with OEM part no.
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BMW S1000R 2019 - 2023
BMW S1000RR 2019 - 2023

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